Interview 101

One of the best things about being a JSG candidate is our interview prep. When you land an interview with a JSG client, we offer you a customized interview strategy that will allow you to showcase your strengths and interview with confidence. Until then, here are some basic interview tips to get you started.

Research the Company.

Take the time to understand the company you are interviewing with. Not only will this show the interviewer your preparedness, it will also help you discern whether this positions is in line with your career goals. You can also take it one step further and research the people you will be interviewing with. Keep an eye out for common ground that you could mention during the interview to help you stand out.

Prepare Answers Ahead of Time.

Let’s be honest, many interview questions are variations of the same theme. (Tell me about yourself, what are your strengths, why do you want to work here, etc.) Use this to your advantage! Prepare answers to common questions ahead of time so that when they come up during the interview, you’ll have a well-crafted and thoughtful answer handy.


Play the Part.

On interview day, it’s important to make a remarkable first impression. This starts with your attire. Always dress professionally and conservatively. When introducing yourself, practice good posture, make eye contact and offer a firm handshake. Continue to check your body language throughout the interview as it can send strong subliminal messages.

Be Authentic.

Tell your career story by providing real-life examples of projects and accomplishments. Ask thought-provoking questions that will spark a lively discussion. (Here’s one of our favorites: What do you like most about working here?)

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Follow Up.

Send a short and personalized thank-you note as soon as you can after the interview. This will show your enthusiasm and “go-get-em” spirit.

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