Resume 101


Here at JSG, hundreds of resumes come across our desks. We have seen it all! As a result of that, we have made note of the good, the great, and the “opportunities for improvement.” Your resume is the greatest story-telling tool you have. We’re here to provide you with some basic guidelines for making it the best it can be.

reviewing resume

Write Dynamic Content.

You have limited room on a resume, so make sure every statement makes an impact. Add as many numbers, percentages, and real-world examples as you can to quantify your work. Swap our tired and boring verbs and generic adjectives for more interesting and powerful ones. (Say hello to your new best friend,!)

Enhance Formatting.

Formatting makes all the difference in creating a powerful resume. Keep it simple! Highlight your most recent and relevant experience at the top (that’s the good stuff!) Narrow your margins to fit all necessary information. Choose a font that is easy to read. (We like Helvetica best.) Finally, once you’ve got everything written and organized, take a step back and make sure the formatting is consistent. This includes header styles, indentations, bullet points, etc. Once it’s gotten your stamp of approval, save it as a PDF so your tip-top formatting won’t get compromised on different devices!

Customize to Optimize.

Every job you apply for is different, right? Your resume should be too! Pick up on key words and phrases in the job description that match your skill set and be sure to feature them. Remove any irrelevant education or work history to save room for the important stuff! Also include any significant related skills or interests you might have acquired outside of formal settings.