How to Compete in a Candidate-Driven Market


All predictions point to 2016 being a true candidate-driven market, and the best advice that experts have given is “get ahead of the curve.” Recruit and hire to round out your team now, before multiple offers and counter offers become common place. It’s more important now than ever to attract the best talent on the market.

Even with all of the great tools that are out in today’s world of sophisticated technology, growing databases, and social media, it’s still about the individual person. Candidates are people with lives who want a career to support their families, dreams, and aspirations. This becomes evident when you analyze the top reasons people leave their jobs:


Infographic from BambooHR

Candidates will have more choices in 2016, and to attract the best talent, employers will have to adjust their strategy. The key factors for hiring in 2016 will be team enhancement and fresh perspective, rather than industry knowledge.

It will be essential for companies to identify their mission and values in order to compete. Employers must differentiate themselves and partner with recruiters who understand the company’s branding and values.

Standard hiring processes will no longer be viable. While hiring managers are out on scheduled meetings, taking vacations, and following business as usual, top talent will be in a final interview with a competitor. Hiring managers need to be prepared to make a decision quickly when the right person is placed in front of them. It will be important to extend the offer and secure the top candidate because as they say “time kills all deals.”

Salary will continue to be a main driver, but the entire offer package will come into play. Things like cultural development, education, work-life balance, and team outings will affect a candidate’s decision to accept an offer.

As we approach this increasingly competitive market, don’t solely rely on internal processes to secure top talent. Great recruiters understand the game and they want to assist in your success. They will incorporate your passion for your work into finding you your next great team member.

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