A New Year, A New Approach

2016, year

As the year comes closer to its end, I’ve been reflecting back on all of the growth and development Johnson Search Group has experienced in the past 11 months. After formulating many theories on why JSG is so dominant within our industry, it all came down to one word; passion. Our Senior VP, Perry Paden, has put an ambitious team together that collectively works together towards a common goal. Although we all come from different backgrounds, it’s the passion for finding the right candidate to fit within the culture of your business that makes us an integral part of the JSG team.

Hire for Passion, Not Skill

The new approach I challenge your company or department to take next year is to hire for passion, not skill. Skill can always be trained but the desire to perform the job at a high level and fit within your company’s culture cannot. At Johnson Search Group, we scour through thousands of candidates to find the one or two that have the passion and skill beyond what’s listed on their resume. It’s not the easy way, but it’s why JSG has one of the highest hire rates in the industry.

So, the next time your organization has a critical position that needs to be filled, partner with JSG and we will put our passion to work for you. I wish you all a prosperous close to 2015 and even greater success in 2016!