Here’s What Will Be Important for Industrial in 2016

2016, industrial

2016 is on the horizon, and mining & heavy industrial companies are already starting to prioritize what will be most important in the coming months. While we know that security, technology, and hiring will be at the forefront, we wanted to dig a little deeper to find the motivations behind these top priorities. Our Account Executives reached out to their industry contacts to discuss some of the most pressing issues facing their companies in 2016.

Why will hiring process be an important focus for mining and heavy industrial in 2016?

Perry Paden: We understand that coal will remain flat in 2016. That does not mean that hiring will be non-existent. Currently, there are over 10,000 Plant Management positions, 26,000 Maintenance Manager positions, and 12,000 Safety Engineer positions open across the United States (And that’s just the tip of the ice berg). The message for 2016 is that companies are still seeking top talent, and it’s more important now than ever to secure qualified, experienced professionals. There will be two main components for hiring that contribute to competing for this top talent: a streamlined hiring process and what sets your company apart.

How will constant regulation changes affect the industry?

Dana Belstler: The constantly evolving regulations in the industrial market will require new certification from candidates, making it more difficult to find the right candidate for critical positions.

Why will effective Project Management be crucial for companies next year?

Dana Belstler: Project management will be key to maintaining budgets and completing projects on time. A Project Manager has to understand the industry and the technical details of the job being performed. They are responsible for the team members and making sure they have the skills, education, and experience to be a productive member on the project. With competition for projects increasing in 2016, great management will make all the difference in landing big projects and executing them successfully.