The Do’s and Don’ts of Getting Social in 2016

Social Media Icons, job search

Social media for hiring is at an all-time high. Today, 92% of companies use some sort of social media for recruiting. LinkedIn leads the way with 93% of companies using it, followed by Facebook at 66%, and Twitter at 54%.

With that being said, job seekers need to be careful with what exactly they are posting across the internet. 3 out of 4 hiring managers and recruiters admit to checking out a candidates’ social media pages before hiring. And 1 in 3 hiring managers and recruiters admit to having rejected a candidate based on something they found.

Did you know that in the US, 14.4 million people have used social media to search for a job? In fact, 29% of job seekers admit to using social media as their primary tool for job searching.

There’s no denying that the web can be a powerful tool when it comes to finding a job. When used correctly, social media can help you find the right job, and connect you with the right individuals. Make sure that when hiring managers and recruiters are looking at your pages, they don’t react negatively to anything they see.

Here at JSG, we’ve seen it all. When it comes to social media & job searching, here are our biggest do’s and don’ts:

Do have an active LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is a great way to start networking, when used correctly LinkedIn can help revamp your job search and connect you with the right people.

Do find a way to showcase your talents and interests. Social media can be a great way to help yourself stand out and shine against other candidates!

Do Google yourself. It is so important for you to see what Google pulls up when you search your name. Find and take down anything embarrassing or inappropriate before an employer does.

Don’t leave your accounts public. Keep your personal accounts, and her personal life… private.

Don’t post anything that could be interpreted in a negative light, use your best judgement and avoid anything that could draw negative attention!

Don’t let your guard down once you’ve been hired.