Who’s Your Hiring Quarterback?


The number one thing an NFL team needs in order to be successful and win championships is an all-star Quarterback. And like an NFL team, every company needs their Quarterback – a strong hiring process. Let me break it down for you.

The Quarterback should be the first in the building and last person to leave when preparing for an upcoming game. Quarterbacks get paid more than all other positions, and they set the foundation for a strong team. It is crucial that they work extremely hard and inspire their teammates to do the same through extraordinary leadership. Take the New England Patriots for example. Over the past 10 years, this legendary team has had 122 wins, 9 playoff appearances, 9 Conference Championships, and 1 Super Bowl. The single constant with the New England Patriots that drives their success is Quarterback Tom Brady.

On the flip side, if a Quarterback does not establish themselves as a leader early and often, the team is likely to fail. There is no room for fooling around or waiting for greatness to find you. For instance, the Cleveland Browns have been in the bottom of the league for the past 10 years. During this time, they’ve had 16 different starting Quarterbacks. With no strong foundation, they are unable to establish themselves as a successful program.

Every company needs their Quarterback, a strong foundation upon which they can build a successful business. The Quarterback of business is undoubtedly the hiring process. A great hiring process is vital for a company to hire the A-level candidates they need to grow a stable team. The desired attributes for NFL Quarterbacks and a great hiring process are the same. You want a Quarterback that will be fast, communicate with their team, and can think on their feet. The process for hiring top candidates also needs to be fast, well-communicated and decision-oriented.

As we approach a candidate-driven market in 2016, candidates will have more choices than ever. The companies that prioritize fluid communication and making decisions in an urgent manner, will win out. I urge you, going into the new year, to gather your team and have a strategy session. Get all team members involved, open the lines of communication and allow your Quarterback to lead your team to success with a great hiring process.