Exploring America’s Heartland

I recently had the opportunity to travel across the United States to deliver a holiday puppy to my stepdaughter. We explored a variety of landscapes from cities to farms to small working communities. One of the things that struck me the most as I traveled through America’s heartland is the booming state of the economy.


My wife and I saw hundreds of drilling rigs throughout North Dakota, accompanied by “Now Hiring” signs for Heavy Equipment Operations, Maintenance Workers, and more. Over one 20-mile stretch, we passed 72 semi’s that were moving essential products across the nation. (This is one of the occupations hiring most right now). There were new manufacturing locations opening across the Midwest, increasing hiring in rural areas.

America's Heartland

We drove through many small communities such as Jamestown, Hudson, and Janesville and noticed a frequent commonality. Critical Access or Community Hospitals were the cornerstones for many of these towns. Not only were the facilities beautiful, they make a huge impact into their communities every day. As many of our clients are small, rural hospitals, we understand it’s not easy. Resources and qualified employees can be scarce. That’s why we are so passionate about helping these great organizations find the right talent.


One of the most interesting things about Chicago, which was our ultimate destination and where JSG is headquartered, is a giant aluminum steel landmark called the Bean. The mirrored reflection of the Chicago skyline reflects how great the city and economy is. The sheer number of financial institutions and corporations in the city was astounding. The energy surrounding the skyscrapers and concrete was that of promise and success.

As we left to travel back across America’s Heartland, the banks, healthcare facilities, and farms continue to impress with their presence across the United States and the impact they makes throughout our economy.