Give Us the Ball!

You’ve all seen it, a moment of greatness; Michael Jordan Game 6, Joe Montana to Dwight Clark “The Catch”. You know they want the ball in crunch time and you also know what the outcome is going to be. Once a superstar gets the ball, they make it happen. Whether it’s a three-pointer or a layup, a pass or run, the person who wants the ball will do what it takes to score every single time.

michael-jordan, ball, hiring, recruiting

How are you feeling about the team you’ve assembled to manage the vision and purpose of your company? Do you have the right players, coaches and GM’s in place to build a Dynasty? Do you have a recruiting partner that wants to score top talent to make your team successful?

the-catch, ball, recruiting, hiring

Here at JSG, that’s what we do. We want the ball.

Because we know that in crunch time, when you need top talent, (the people that drive your vision and purpose) we are Michael Jordan in game 6 and Joe Montana to Dwight Clark “the catch”. When you engage a JSG Recruiter for your next critical opening, you get a recruiter that wants the ball, knows the field, understands the game, and puts together a strategic game plan.

JSG will not shy away from the pressure, but excel in areas where others become role players. So when you are not sure who to give the ball to, remember your vision and purpose and just give us the ball!