What It Means To Be A Job Hopper

What does it mean to be a job hopper?

There are successful and unsuccessful ways to approach job changes and they are not all created equal. To be a successful job hopper you must have a meaningful reason for leaving each job. After all, you will need to explain these changes! As long as the following statements ring true, you are not a traditional job hopper but a new school problem solver.

Job Hopper Profile:

Take a Stand

  • I am an empowered employee who manages my own professional brand.
  • I want to work in an innovative environment among dynamic people.
  • I appreciate forward thinking companies that share my passion.
  • I am adaptable and can easily fit in to a wide range of company cultures.

Performance is the Key to Success

  • I am an engaged employee with a higher learning curve and the ability to hit the ground running.
  • I perform at a higher level because my stay is shorter and I want to make the best impression possible.

Overachieving Challenge Appreciator

  • I get excited about my work and am willing to invest in a company long-term when I am challenged and able to clearly see a path for growth.
  • I appreciate challenges and have not met a task I could not handle.

Greater Salary Potential

  • I have a better chance of increasing my salary when I look outside of my current company.
  • I can make anywhere from 10-20% increase in salary by switching companies (vs 3-4% within my current organization.)
  • I switch jobs to remain competitive, which paves the way for a higher salary than my counterparts.
  • I consistently stay apprised of salary information for my job.

2-3 Year Stay

  • I leave each job with class and I complete my projects before I leave.
  • I consistently gain and maintain relationships with a network of professionals I have met along the way.
  • I can speak to and demonstrate measurable success with each organization I have partnered with.
  • I have created greater job security by becoming an expert job seeker.

Fierce Competitor

  • I take an active role in my career and received the most up-to-date training and resources.
  • I manage my own professional development and jump at an opportunity to grow, strengthen my skills, and challenge myself.
  • I stay apprised to the industry trends in-between jobs by consistently analyzing and executing a 30-60-90 day plan.

I am a meaningful Job Hopper!

There is still a stigma attached to job hopping, however things-are-a-changing and that is good. Do you see the power of experience? Are you a problem solver?