Leading by Example and Winning with Integrity

Leading by Example, Winning by Example

If you’ve ever received a message from me, you’ve seen that my signature carries the phrase, “Leading by Example and Winning with Integrity.” You might wonder, why? Is this a marketing ploy or does this have a place in the business world? Better yet, how can it affect me?

Much more than a marketing ploy, this phrase is an expression of who I am. In the world we live in, we tend to get caught up in “what’s in it for me and how do I get to the top of the heap.” I have always been competitive, and always found myself a natural leader. Early on in my career, I learned that there was a difference between talking a big game and showing up when it matters most. I learned there was a way to be competitive without stepping all over the competition. While many around me used the phrase, “fake it til you make it,” I found that telling the truth even when I didn’t know the answer, eventually taught me the answers I needed to know.

This phrase, which is as important to me as the air we breathe, has served to bring people into my life that share in my values. Home life, business life, friends, and family may not always share my style, but they know where I stand.

Winning is as easy as helping other people get what they want. When you work hard and do the right thing, even when no one is looking, it builds a respect and loyalty that not only lasts throughout your transaction, but also a lifetime and beyond.

Never before has this served me as well as in my current profession. I am in the business of matching people from different cultures, background, and skills with companies, ultimately creating life-altering relationships. Candidates put their trust and confidence in me to help them get more time with their families, more opportunities for their children, a better use of their skills, and more cushion in their bank accounts. Clients look for me to take the pressure off of them to find an employee that wants more than a job, fits in their culture, and is competent in their abilities. Every day as I make phone calls, I keep in mind to lead by example and win with integrity.

Now I ask you, how will you lead by example and win with integrity in your life?