How My Army Experience Makes Me A Great Recruiter

Uncle Sam Wants You - Army Recruiting

One of the most important things I did during my time of service was work as an Army Recruiter. Assisting people in making one of the biggest decisions of their lives was something I took very seriously. I’m lucky to say that I now have a career where I can carry that same dedication to helping professionals make their next big career decision.

When I recruited for the Army, I would identify a qualified candidate then put them through the appropriate physical and mental tests. Once they were contracted, I would mentor them every step of the way until they were shipped out. This meant pumping them up, sharing stories, talking to their family, and establishing a relationship with each recruit I worked with. I valued each relationship I made during this time because often I was able to provide kids with an opportunity for a career where they might not have had one otherwise.

Uncle Sam Wants You - Army Recruiting

My process as an Executive Recruiter is very similar. I search my network to identify qualified candidates, vet them against the job order and client culture, and perform reference checks. After facilitating interviews and the candidate receives an offer, my job doesn’t stop there. I like to get on the phone with spouses or family, anyone that will also be affected by this career decision. I help my candidate’s understand everything from the best neighborhood to live in to the personalities of the team they’ll be working with.

Ultimately, my goal is (and always has been) to help people discover the right career fit for them, whatever that may be.