Personal Branding for Your Professional Career


I am a marketer and I absolutely LOVE what I do! A huge component of marketing is branding. Effective branding improves the visibility and respect for a product, service, company or an individual. Steve McKee author of the “Power Branding”, said it best, “Of all the assets any company owns, its brand is the single most valuable.” Each employee represents their company’s brand and more importantly, their own. The best part about owning your own personal brand is you get to make it all YOURS!

How does your social media strategy define you and your career?


  1. The best part about a digital footprint is you can restart your engines and rebrand anytime. The best way to manage your brand is to develop one.

Let’s cultivate your brand …
Let’s start with establishing your brand.
Is your digital footprint a good representation of the professional persona you want to project to your potential customers?
Let me ask a little differently; if all of your information was collected from Google, would one be able to easily depict your target audience, what you do, and what to do if one wanted to contact you?

What is a digital footprint?
A digital footprint is the collection of information about you, available on the internet.

Let’s talk professional persona …
This is the impression you want to give the professional community in reference to what you do. Or in other words, it’s the opinion formed by others based on what they learned about you on the internet.

Who are your customers?

Future, current, & past employers
Prospective partners
Future candidates the firm you’re employed
Industry networking

Digital action impact …

Your social media engagement strategy makes up most of your branding strategy. Personal and professional profiles, likes, comments, shares, summaries, blogs, among other ways make up your engagement strategy. These activities collected over a short time depict your persona.

Digital action hierarchy, not all digital actions are created equal

  • Likes and the equivalent there of, happen more frequently and in the grand scheme of things, it becomes white noise, except when it’s in quantity. For example, on LinkedIn others can see your recent activity which includes the last 30 days of engagement on LinkedIn. A collection of liked articles can help others create an image of you and what you do.
  • Comments that offer insight are valuable and help others learn, and if it’s on brand, it’s priceless. Those comments create an image of thought leadership and experience and since comments provide insight to those who are attempting to form an opinion, you have a captive audience. This is the best advertising you can give yourself without offering one iota of a sales pitch.
  • Sharing something on social media is a great way to show expertise, if you offer something additional prior to sharing. Sharing information without the comment, suggests nothing more than a like. Use this opportunity to rise above and become a thought leader on the topic.

Once you have outlined your branding plan the next step is to clean up your social media so your public image is in line with what you want your customers to understand about you. When considering your brand, every public action completed online, is used to evaluate your personal brand. Collect your own digital footprint and determine if your message is clear. Remember, the best part about your digital footprint is, it works for you. It’s the hard work, dedication, and consistent message you put into the universe. This message creates a narrative about who you are and what you do professionally. Are you strategically approaching your personal brand in a way that will positively impact your professional career?