Why You Want to Work for a Company That Has a Passion for People

Why You Want to Work for a Company With a Passion for People

There’s no doubt that volunteer policies and community involvement affect your decision to work at a company. A passion for people is becoming increasingly important to today’s workforce. In fact, according to the 2014 Millennial Impact Report, one-third of Millennials surveyed said that their companies’ volunteer policies affected their decision to apply for a job, 39% said that it influenced their decision to interview, and 55% said that such policies played into their decision to accept an offer. And let you feel that your generation is not represented in these trends, the data extends beyond just the younger generation. 53% of people believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is an important part of an employer’s brand.

Something amazing happens when you work for a company that prioritizes community involvement. Whatever your reasons for initially getting involved, (looking good to your boss, promoting your brand, taking a break from the cube life) the reward usually ends up being so much more. When our organization first decided to get involved with the Arc of Spokane, we were expecting opportunities to continue growing our brand and making someone’s day a little brighter. What we didn’t expect was the significant impact that these great people would have on our corporate team and ourselves individually.

Why You Want to Work for a Company With a Passion for People

Through this experience, we have met the most warm-hearted, encouraging people. Partnering with the Arc for activities such as local sporting events, cooking lessons, and serving Thanksgiving dinner has not only taught us lessons in life, it has made us more productive in our day-to-day work tasks. When I think about the members of the Arc that have had to overcome tremendous odds to acquire and hold a long-term job, it makes my looming stack of Monday-morning tasks look a little less daunting.

How often do you have the opportunity to add tremendous value to your community just by showing up at work? I’m beyond thankful that I get to experience this in my position. Our partnership with The Arc of Spokane constantly reminds us the true value of having a passion for people. The ability to align ourselves with this internal strength is the best life branding one could ever achieve.

When you consider what’s most important in a position, be sure to consider factors outside the typical job description. A company’s dedication to their community not only shows their commitment to the world around them, but also their commitment to your “work-soul balance.”

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