How Your Company Can Win The Talent Draft

NFL Draft, Recruiting, Hiring

With the NFL draft just finishing up, I am sure many of you are pondering over who won and who lost. Can you imagine if companies conducted hiring like the NFL draft? 1 intense week of hiring, a few additions over the next few months, and a hard deadline. The hiring process might be a lot easier, but it’s not all about touchdowns and field goals. In order to draft the right candidates for your team (NFL or company), there are a few things to consider.

Soft Skills vs. Talent

Everything we read and see today says companies are hiring for soft skills like personality, values, and behavior over hard skills that check off every box in a job description. The same goes for the NFL draft. In 2014, Johnny Manziel was projected to be a top 5 draft, but the first 21 teams passed. Some didn’t need his particular skill set, but others saw his off field issues as a huge red flag. (Man, did they make the right decision…) His soft skills were not a fit for the team’s culture, even though he was a very talented football player.

A bad recruit can devastate an entire office or team, and organizations need to take steps to ensure they are hiring those that match the inherent culture of the team. On the flip side, a strong and diverse company culture that encompasses different views, personalities, and skills provides room for organizations to grow.

Presenting Your Best Offer

Organizations must also consider bringing the best offer to the table for top talent on the market. Time and time again, we see organizations “low-ball” the first offer, hoping to get a great deal on the talent they need. This only opens the door to your competition to capture that talent with a more competitive offer.

We see the same thing happen in the NFL. This year the Denver Broncos were well poised with a very strong rising star, Quarterback Brock Osweiler. As they took their time mulling over an offer for Osweiler, they opened the door to the competition like the Houston Texans to come in with a stronger offer. What should have been a step down season for the Broncos, now becomes a “scrambling to rebuild” season to find the right leader for the team.

Recruiting is getting trickier by the minute. The NFL employs a whole host of data analysts, scouts, and recruiting experts to help them make the right decision drafting for their team. Shouldn’t you give them the same attention to drafting your team?