4 Steps Closer to Your Next Job Interview

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Today we’re giving you all the tools to get through the job search one step at a time. Combine these four steps with your skills and confidence and you will lead yourself straight to an interview.

Step 1: Ready

“Knowledge is power, but enthusiasm pulls the switch.” –Ivern Ball

Direction: Research your marketability.

A good place to start when you begin a job search is inward. Understanding and sharing your brand is essential when tapping into the job market. We recommend you start by researching your marketability.

  • Find out how your line of work is rewarded in the market. >>Pay Scale: Salary Calculator
  • If you are opening to relocating for your career, find out where you should live to maximize your compensation. >>Pop Sugar: Market Research
  • If you know where you want to relocate, find out how it compares to your current market. >>Pay Scale: Cost of Living Calculator
  • Next, evaluate your skills and determine which skills are in demand. Take online courses, both paid and free to further your professional development. >>The Muse: Professional Development
  • Skills Evaluation: Technical skills are quickly becoming a standard across business. >>The Muse: Skills Evaluation
  • Find out how to leverage job boards to uncover the most valuable skills. >>U.S. News: Job Boards

Step 2: Aim

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” –Antoine de Saint-Exupry

Direction: Update your job search materials.

  • Resumes and cover letters should be tailored to the position you’re applying for. >>Life Hacker: Resume Tailoring
  • Select companies you want to work for. >>LinkedIn Research Company  LinkedIn is a great place to start but don’t forget to research the company website, press releases, financial reports, and social media.

Step 3: Fire

“Vision without execution is hallucination.” –Thomas Edison

Direction: Selectively apply for positions that align with your skills.

  • Read between the lines. Not having all of the requirements for a position doesn’t make you unqualified, it creates opportunity. >>The Muse: Job Requirement Awareness
  • Develop a job application strategy and organize how you approach your next job search. >>About Careers: Applying for Jobs

Step 4: Reload

“Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” –Henry Ford

Direction: Get organized.

  • After you have strategically applied for the most ideal jobs, it’s time to get organized. Use these suggestions to ensure you have a post application strategy. >>About Careers: Job Search Strategy
  • Follow-up with HR professionals and the most effective way possible, seek out the hiring manager. >>About Careers: Contact Hiring Manager
  • Measure your job search success. Find out how to evaluate your job search and make the proper changes. >>U.S. News: Measure Search Success


Getting to the interview is the first step in showcasing your unique style. Make sure you approach each step in the process with confidence and you are sure to land interviews.