Building An Empire Takes The Whole Team

Building an Empire Isn't Easy - For the Golden State Warriors or Hiring Managers

It appears by all indications that the Golden State Warriors are building a sports empire.  Are you trying to building an Empire at your company?  As you already know, this will be a long and arduous process.  It requires patience and the keen ability to recruit and add the right people at the right time.  The Warriors weren’t built over night.  In fact, I remember when I was much younger and they were an average team that occasionally had an above average year.  Now they are a household name and everyone on the planet knows their point guard.  This requires strengths in many areas, but more importantly it requires you to rely on the right people that can help you build that empire.

Whether your team is leading the pack or in the “re-building” phase, you need to rely on the right people to assist you in capturing the right talent. There are two important factors when it comes to recruiting the talent you need, timing and putting your entire team to work. Steph Curry, one of the best players in the NBA, has been talking with Kevin Durant for months in an effort to bring him to the Golden State Warriors. This move to bring one of the most elite players in the NBA to a team that is rapidly growing in popularity and skills required an all-in team effort.

Often times, we see companies pining for top talent, but only willing to use a few important people to do so. If your entire company isn’t helping to recruit the best of the best, you are losing to teams that are capitalizing on everyone in their organization. HR can’t do it alone, hiring managers can’t do it alone, and recruiters can’t do it alone. We have to come together as a team unit to capture the in-demand candidates. And it doesn’t stop there. Involve all of your current staff, including employees from different departments! Not only will this help to assess culture fit, it will empower your current employees, while showing the candidate a transparent look inside your company.

To build an empire, start with the recruiting team. The NBA knows this and you should too. Take the time to nurture and build a strong recruiting process, and together we can build a dynasty.