How To Juggle The Many Hats Of Job Searching

Are You Wearing the Right Job Search Hat?

While serving in the Army, I wore many types of head gear or hats. We had combat headgear, daily uniform headgear, and Dress Uniform Headgear. I also wore many hats as far as jobs throughout my tenure. As I transitioned into the private sector, deciding what hat would best fit me for the job I wanted was a challenge. Here are some things that I had to look at when ensuring my head gear was appropriate for my next career.

Does my hat fit the job?

I had to look at things on my resume like my last duty “job” title. If I was to put S-1 NCOIC on my resume how many of you would know what this is? If I were to apply for a job that would best fit this hat I would changing it to Senior Human Resources Manager on my resume. When you apply for a job, take a little time and change your resume to reflect the hats that are worn in the company that you are applying to. Many companies use keyword searches when searching resumes in their databases and if your resume does not have those key words your hat will not fit the job.

Does the job’s hat fit me?

As I looked at jobs I had to self-evaluate and ensure that the hat that I was applying for fit me. This is not to say that you have to apply for only the jobs that you are fully qualified for. There are skills and experience that are required for many jobs. If the job requires 10 years of experience and you only have 2 then this hat will not fit you. If the job requires that you know a particular system but you have worked similar systems or maybe older versions of a system, then apply for the job anyway. Though you might not have the required job description hard skills, the other skills that you do have may be more critical to the hiring manager that you knowing V9.4.3 of an operating system.

How do I put a feather in my cap?

Now that you’ve decided which hat to wear during your job search, it’s time to stand out amongst the other candidates. The best way to do that? Put a feather in your cap! Prepare for an interview for every job you apply to by following these steps:

  • Look up information on the company and follow the latest news on them.
  • Follow them in LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, share articles that the company shares.
  • Look up potential managers, human resources and recruiters for the company in LinkedIn.
  • Connect with them, if they remember your name, this could be an extra look at your resume.
  • Ensure your LinkedIn reflects your resume.
  • Clean up your Facebook account (no political, religious, or inappropriate posts) and lock it down!
  • Be ready for an interview call at all times.

Now that you have the right hat and put in your feather in it, good luck!