This One Thing Will Set You Apart During An Interview

The One Thing That Will Set You Apart During An Interview

Everyone wants to to know that one thing that will give them the edge and help them land their dream job. You are constantly going over in your mind, “what could I have done differently?” or “is there some secret that other people know that I don’t?”

As a past Director of Human Resources, there were many contributing factors that signaled if I should hire someone. Did you show up for the interview on time? Were you dressed for the part? Did you have an impressive handshake, web to web, firm, but not overpowering? Was your body language warm and inviting? No matter how talented and skilled you were, these were instant behaviors that could make or break my first impression of you as a member of my team.

During the interview, skills and qualifications were high priorities for me. Preparation was always a must, knowing the organization you want to work for shows due diligence on your part. Having a copy of your resume showed investment in the interview process. Asking thoughtful questions showed your ability to do the job – always a plus.

However, none of these even came close to the one thing that makes the biggest difference – you.

The one thing that can make the biggest lasting impression and land you the job of your dreams comes from you and you alone. You are the one thing that no one else can duplicate. Only you can bring the edge. So often, we are afraid to bring our true selves to an interview in an effort to make a good impression, but that is what every hiring manager really wants. Everyone can appreciate honesty, transparency, and vulnerability.

So, before your next interview, I urge you to do your research, show up prepared, but most importantly don’t forget to bring yourself!