How To Elbow Out The Competition During Your Job Search

Elbowing Out The Competition During Your Job Search

Have you been to a roller derby bout recently? I’m not talking about the Derby style as depicted in the movie Whip It, although the general scoring and purpose is similar. I’m referring to the redefined Flat Track Women’s Derby that has been gaining tremendous popularity and may in fact be approved for event competition in the 2020 Olympic Games. It’s competitive, aggressive, and so much fun to watch!

I was reviewing a document entitled “Fresh Meat Training,” intended for those ladies who have decided to take up the sport, have only a passion to succeed, and need to be tried and tested in order to achieve success. Hm, sounds a lot like embarking on a job search to me! So here’s how you find out that roller derby is in fact, a great model for job searching.

Fresh Meat Training

  • It’s an all inclusive sport for people from all backgrounds, shapes, and sizes

Sounds like an HR poster, does it not? More often than not, there is not “one perfect person” for the job. Everyone comes from a different background with different experiences and skills. Just because you don’t feel like you are “the perfect fit,” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply!

  • Almost anyone can do it

We have all been through the job search at one point or another. And I’m willing to bet, most of us have faced our fair share of struggles along the way. However, we are ALL capable of achieving success and landing the job of our dreams!

  • It’s an incredible exercise

Job searching is HARD. It constantly exercises your patience, your confidence, and your time. But, you know what they say, practice makes perfect! The more you exercise those qualities and go through the motions of the job search, the stronger you will become.

  • It’s a good stress reliever

Now, job searching is probably only a good stress reliever once you’ve landed the job. But there’s no better feeling than having put yourself out there and accomplishing what you set out to do! Sit back and relax!

  • It teaches you to be assertive

There are often hundreds of people applying for one job in this candidate-driven market. If you want to elbow out the competition during your job search, you’ve got to be assertive.

  • You will learn a ton about strategy

This may take some time, but as you navigate your job search, you will start to learn what works and more importantly, what doesn’t work.

  • It teaches you strong team work skills

Have you ever heard the term, “play nice in the sandbox?” A job search certainly teaches you to do that as you try on different companies for size and meet a wide variety of people.

  • You will meet some awesome people

Even if you don’t get the job, the networking potential you gain from every interview is immeasurable!

  • It builds your confidence

It takes a lot to put everything on the line for a potential new job. Brushing up on your resume writing, interview skills, and networking will help build confidence in your abilities.

  • It gives you a huge self-esteem boost

There is nothing like the feeling of walking away from an interview knowing that you did your very best. It doesn’t matter if you get the job, after all, there are always more qualified people out there – it’s a fact of life. But celebrate the small wins. If you did the best you could do, that is what matters!

And last but not least: It can change your life. A new job or career might just be the change you need to boost your long-term happiness. Don’t wait!

Elbowing Out The Competition During Your Job Search