To Succeed In Your Job Search, Take Notes From Competitive Swimming

To Succeed In Your Job Search, Take Notes From Competitive Swimmers

As I participated in competitive swimming while growing up, I learned many critical lessons that have helped me throughout my life and career path to this day. Qualities such as strength, competitiveness, and perseverance have proved to be absolutely necessary in and out of the pool. You can apply these lessons during your job search to boost your confidence, strategize your game plan, and successfully land the job of your dreams. Here are three of my favorites:

1. The strategy to success was defined by my coach

In competitive swimming, it does you no good to go it alone. My coach gave us specific goals and continually inspired us to improve. In your job search, you should never go it alone. Partner with a recruiter, do online research, or meet with a friend going through the same thing to strategize and set goals.

2. An effective start is critically important

If you come off the blocks poorly during a swim meet, you’re destined to spend the entire race trying to catch up. A strong start is where you can gain the biggest advantage. When growing your career, make sure to establish a strong start that paves the way for the rest of your professional life.

3. Don’t get discouraged

You know what they say, practice makes perfect! You will never reach the finish line or land the job if you give up. If you are not getting the results you want, or things are not moving as quickly as you would like, stay the course and keep working toward your goal. Research best practices and interview skills, then practice, practice, practice!  It will pay off in the end!