Great News For The Heavy Industries!

Good News For Heavy Industries!

As we move into the 4th quarter and 2017 is right around the corner, things are looking up for heavy industries. The Manufacturing sector currently has over two million open jobs, desperate to hire following an aging workforce. Mines are regaining traction and re-booting critical projects. Energy companies are expanding efforts to support renewable energy. We’re going to dive a little deeper and discover how these are all great signs for the heavy industries as a whole.


“Over the last 20 years, inflation-adjusted U.S. manufacturing output has increased by almost 40 percent, and annual value added by U.S. factories has reached a record $2.4 trillion. While there are fewer jobs, more is getting done. Manufacturing employees are better educated, better paid and producing more valuable products — including the technology that enables them to be so much more productive.” // Tech Crunch


Rye Patch Gold is on track and under on budget with three critical projects for a Florida Canyon Mine re-start. Full production is on track to start in 1st Quarter 2017. // Rye Patch Gold


“General Electric Co. plans to buy a maker of wind-turbine blades for $1.65 billion, bolstering the renewable-energy business amid growing demand for clean power. The deal will enhance GE’s ability to serve customers in the onshore and offshore wind markets, the companies said Tuesday in a statement. “It shows GE’s true commitment to the wind industry,” Jerome Pecresse, chief executive officer of GE Renewable Energy, said in a telephone interview. GE is rushing to meet global demand for clean energy sources as falling costs make renewable power more competitive with fossil fuels. The company, which also has a sizable hydropower business, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of onshore wind turbines and is trying to build out a complementary offshore operation.” // Bloomberg

The news across the United States echoes the conversations we have everyday with clients. As production and innovations grow, so will the need to find the right talent for critical production and management roles in order to keep the forward momentum going and creating profit. One thing is for sure: hiring is on the rise, and heavy industries are starting with building strong management teams. It’s safe to assume that in 2017, hiring will continue to increase across the board as companies continue to push growth and innovation.