To Boldly Go Where No Candidate Has Gone Before

In the competitive world of the job search, it doesn’t work to play it safe. It pays to take a risk and reach for the stars. If you thought that 2016 was a candidate driven market, what is coming in 2017 will “beam you up” in career opportunities.  46% of the work force feels the time to make a career move is now. In order to land your dream position next year, you must be willing to boldly go where no candidate has gone before.


Pick Up The Phone

Future job candidates are not going to find their answers in high tech but in high touch. The millennials that are used to texting and snap chatting their way through every day, are 33% of the work force. Bottom line – they must be willing to pick up their all-important device and use is for it’s original intent – a telephone.  Talk to people and let them feel the emotion and passion through that device that uses a satellite to not only carry data but sound waves as well.

Tell Stories

Relying on submitting 100’s of online applications is not logical. According to Edythe Richards job interviews are going to be hard to come by. Candidates will need a way to navigate through the high-tech resume sifting systems that are available to employers.  Many candidates need a story teller to answer questions; why do you have multiple job moves in the past 5 years, or why are you looking to move after only 6 months? The employer wants answers and they need answers from someone they trust.  Of all the people I was privileged to transport into new career paths in 2016, not one of them succeeded without a story or critical perspective being shared with the hiring manager.

Be Prepared

Once the interview barrier has been broken, candidates need to be coached through the process so that when faced with the “Kobayashi Maru” he or she is prepared.  The candidate must overcome a no win situation long before the test. The days of “winging it” or relying on charm have disappeared, the competition is stiff and due diligence is the path of least resistance.  No matter how skilled one might be in interviewing techniques, a dress rehearsal makes all the difference.  In 2016 any of my candidates that chose to opt out of a prep in our process failed to move past the interview.

Inside you is the potential to make yourself better... and that is what it is to be human. To make yourself more than you are