Here’s What Recruiters Look For In A Candidate’s LinkedIn Profile

Here's What Recruiters Looks For In A Candidate's LinkedIn Profile

As recruiters, we spend a lot of time browsing LinkedIn profiles. There are a few things that a recruiter notices right away that either signal “I need to talk to this person,” or “pass.” While a detailed description of what you do is essential to your online professional persona, you might be surprised to see a lot of soft skills and career patterns on these lists. We asked 3 of our recruiters to share what they notice first when screening LinkedIn profiles, whether good or bad:

“First I look for a well written Summary that is not too long, that has current keywords that are appropriate to the current and past roles. Additionally, if there are typos it is a huge turn off. I am also looking for a progressive track in the industry as additional skills are learned. If the profile looks like the candidate changes careers every few years, let alone changing jobs every couple of years, it is suspect. The ‘specialized’ skills that I would want to find for my client is gained from progressive experience and must be present in the profile to be of significant interest.

Education, awards, and special interests like community involvement also speaks to the ‘soft skills’ of the candidate that I find valuable.”

Tracey Smith, Healthcare Team Lead

“The biggest thing I look for is connections / activity because that lends credibility to their technical savvy.  Next I am looking for depth of profile history – looking for what I can talk to them about. Lastly, I look for recommendations because if someone takes the time to recommend them I want to surround myself with that type of individual.”

Mike Muglia, Executive Recruiter – Banking