Is It Time To Jump Ship From Your Current Job?

Is It Time To Jump Ship From Your Current Job?

At some point during your career, you may experience being passed over for a big promotion, an exciting project, or the chance for future advancement. Not being told specifically why you were passed over could leave you to wonder if it maybe it is time to jump ship and move on. But before you act, there are elements you might not have considered that can play a role in your company’s choice not to give the opportunity you feel you deserve.

Here are a couple of those key elements that may have swayed their decision:

  • Nazareth Syndrome: They stop listening to your opinion and want someone from a different section, office, or to bring a new person with fresh ideas
  • Hesitation: maybe you did not voice your interest in taking on more responsibilities
  • Stagnation: You did not display the skills in the past to move on to the next level because you were just doing the bare minimum. Months or years may have gone by with you doing only what was needed, without showing your motivation and skills to exceed.
  • Hunter vs. Farmer: Your skill set may not match up with the vision. Management knows that this advanced role requires someone to be more of a “Hunter,” when you are known as a “Farmer.”
  • Confidential Management Information: There may be things about the next project or promotion that you do not know about.
  • You Just Don’t Get Along: There may be things about your personality that management can’t picture in this role or you’re just not meshing with your co-workers or company culture.

The big decision should be, are there things you can do to improve for the next time around, or is it just time to move on? Can you wait until the next chance to apply for a promotion; or is being passed up going to kill your motivation to stay in the position you have now?

Live career says there are 15 things you can do to get the promotion you feel you’ve earned, while Forbes dives into the 10 signs it’s time to leave. The key to deciding is looking at the situation without bias. Before you decide to jump ship, find out politely why the decision was made, and be honest with yourself. You may even decide that you would have passed yourself over given the same circumstances and this could be the spark to future success that you needed.

Staying somewhere that you feel under-appreciated or not being able to use your full potential may be the worst career move you can make. So, maybe it’s to jump ship. But don’t do so without a life jacket. Partner with JSG and we will keep you afloat during the hunt for your next career move!