Yesterday’s Home Runs Do Not Win Today’s Game

Best Career Advice: Yesterday's home runs do not win today's games

I know, another sports analogy; but at least this is a baseball analogy and has nothing to do with Super Bowl 2017, right? Whether you follow sports or not, the parallel is significant in today’s work environment. Babe Ruth was the author of the quote and was one of the most iconic figures in sports history. As Ruth’s career piled up scores of home runs, even he knew the importance of shaking off yesterday.

This, of course, goes for the good and bad. Sometimes yesterday was hitting a home run by winning a big contract, sometimes it was blowing an interview for a position you really wanted. Either way, today is another day that requires a new strategy for future success. Just because you hit the home run yesterday, does not mean that you get to stop giving your best today. Just because you did not get the job you wanted, does not mean that there will not be another job available that you may love. Either way, you can’t live in the past.

Best Career Advice: Yesterday's home runs do not win today's games

How do you accomplish this? When you are the MVP one day, it’s hard to go back to square one the next. When you suffer a significant disappointment one day, how do you get over the feeling of extreme discouragement? The answer is… you really don’t. You use the wins and losses to strategize for future success and embrace both for future endeavors. What does that mean? You can recall the ‘how the homerun was accomplished’ to mirror success in the future, and for the disappointment, you can focus on ‘the mechanics’ of the failure to improve. The key is not to focus on the emotional disappointment of the loss, but instead, limit your thought process to the mechanics of what could have been improved.

Yes, this will take practice, it will not come overnight for most, and remember that there will always be highs and lows in life and your career. The most important thing is to keep trying, keep educating, and keep connecting. Others have experienced career setbacks like Babe Ruth’s worst season of 1922, which we almost never hear about because we tend to want to recall the wins. Celebrate the wins, even if they are small, and the losses will become a memory.