The JSG Difference – According To Those Most Important To Us

The JSG Difference - According To Those That Are Most Important

At JSG, we’re all about people. Our primary goal is simple – match great candidates with outstanding clients. However, we do this in a very complex environment, juggling industry regulations and trends, desirable soft skills and experience, and varied needs for every position. When you choose to work with JSG to find your next candidate or career, you’re putting your future in good hands. But don’t just take our word for it, hear it straight from one of clients.

1. What motivated you to start working with JSG?

After some great initial phone conversations, and then meeting Perry Paden and another member of his team in person, our company was quite impressed with JSG’s professionalism and confidence for finding the unique candidates we desire for our operations.  I knew this would be the beginning of a great professional relationship. – Pamela Thomas, Recruiter at Drummond.

 2. What was the process like during your partnership with JSG?

Our Account Executive, Patrick Salerno, is on top of the job. He is very patient with my hiring managers (which is no easy task) and takes every new direction with ease.  The fact that JSG is willing to go through the hurdles with us to find the perfect candidates is a success story within itself.  Our company has a dynamic culture, and finding the right candidate is no easy feat. – Pamela Thomas, Recruiter at Drummond

I was told how the process would work and that we would have a phone session first, then discuss any questions I might have and then the actual interview followed by another interview. – Kelly Ridgel, Environmental Compliance Professional

3. Did your Account Executive engage you in our process?

Patrick is always on top with updates, and keeping our candidates warm until I receive feedback from hiring managers.  He listens to the feedback, and applies this knowledge to the search. – Pamela Thomas, Recruiter at Drummond

I was kept notified every step of the way. Not only did they notify me, they kept me up to date after every interview. I talked with Dana almost every other day she kept me so informed I almost felt like I was in the same office with her. – Kelly Ridgel, Environmental Compliance Professional

4. What was the best part about working with JSG?

The professionalism and knowledge of the team. – Pamela Thomas, Recruiter at Drummond

The constant contact. I never had to guess where we were at or wonder what was the next step. Dana kept me up to date every step of the way. I did not have a lot of questions for her because she had anticipated almost every single one. – Kelly Ridgel, Environmental Compliance Professional

5. What advice would you give any candidate or company considering using JSG?

Give JSG all the inside information needed to find a candidate, and they will present you with an outstanding group to choose from.  The team at JSG knows sourcing and will keep you informed every step of the way. – Pamela Thomas, Recruiter at Drummond

Work with them and trust them they know their Clients, their industry and candidates. What they don’t know, they research and find out what they need to know. – Kelly Ridgel, Environmental Compliance Professional

6. In your opinion, what sets JSG apart in the industry?

Their desire to build relationships.  I can even call the Senior VP or send him an email, and he replies in a very timely manner.  There doesn’t seem to be the attitude of superiority with JSG.  Everyone has the same mission….and that’s to match candidates with great employers. – Pamela Thomas, Recruiter at Drummond

Knowing their industry, I have a lot of recruiters contact me about positions and I would say more than half had no clue about the position that they were contacting me about. JSG, takes the time learn about their client and to make sure I was a fit for the position. If a recruiter doesn’t know what you do and they don’t understand your skill sets, then they will not understand what you have to offer the company they are representing. – Kelly Ridgel, Environmental Compliance Professional

Though I did not get the position we worked for I was grateful for all the work Dana and JSG put into the job I was trying to get. I know how much work Dana put into the position with my resume and references.  JSG is a wonderful company to work with, they don’t guarantee you the job but they do work with you every step of the way to help both the clients and candidates with the best match for a position. – Kelly Ridgel, Environmental Compliance Professional