Why Your Next Job Should Be A Contract Position

Why Your Next Job Should Be A Contract Position

So, you’re on the job hunt and you come across an incredible opportunity. It’s exactly what you’re looking for – flexibility, a chance to sharpen your weaker skills AND it’s with a well-known institution who prides themselves on community involvement and employee engagement. You contact the recruiting firm or hiring manager to find out that… DUN DUN DUN… this is a contract role. Now what? More and more companies are using contract and contract-to-hire employment as their preferred method of hiring. In fact, contract employees make up 32% of the workforce in the United States.  It’s important to understand the benefits to this type of staffing before dismissing the process altogether.

Here are some common misconceptions of contract opportunities.

Temp employees do not receive benefits.

This is simply not true. Although the contracted employee may not receive benefits through the employer directly, the staffing firm may provide benefits to those employees who qualify. Here at Johnson Search Group, you receive Medical, Dental, and Vision when you qualify for benefits.

Wage and overtime laws do not protect contracted employees.

Contract employees are protected under the same wage and overtime laws as permanent, full-time employees.

Temporary work is short-term and pays less than permanent roles.

In my experience, contract roles pay industry standard, if not more. Some contract work may be short-term but there may very well be the opportunity to become a permanent employee. If you come in, do a great job and prove yourself in the role, your chances of becoming a permanent employee increase if and/or when an opening becomes available.

Contract work looks bad on a resume.

A lot of employers are aware of the benefits of contract work. Performing in these roles gives the contractor an opportunity to gain knowledge, experience, and fine-tune their skillset. If you’re going into a new industry, this is a wonderful way to see what the industry is all about and if it’s something you want to pursue long-term.

In today’s’ competitive market, these contract and contract-to-hire positions can get you a foot in the door, expand your knowledge and skillset, allow you to network with people in the industry and possibly land you your dream job one day!

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