How To Overcome That “Job Search Fear”

How To Overcome That "Job Search Fear"

Not having a job is a huge fear for many people in the job market that we live in. Even if you are unsatisfied in your current position, it can be scary to think of the possibility of losing stability. When we have a job, (no matter how unhappy we are) we know what to expect. Even if you get that nagging feeling pulling you towards something else, you keep repeating the same mantra: “the boss is good the people are nice, I am good at my job, I receive a steady paycheck.” We get comfortable with our life and begin to rely on the status quo.

But, there is more out there! Believe it or not, your dream job is out there and it’s within your grasp. You just have to take the leap. (Even if it feels like jumping off a cliff with no landing in sight.) It’s up to you to solve the anxieties, uncertainties, and fears surrounding the search for a new position. The best way to do this? Attack fear at the heart by taking control of what you can. In general, we can always control two things: our thoughts, and our actions. Here are some steps you can take to take control of your job search and stomp out that fear.

  1. Take 15 minutes a day to continue your education in your field of expertise to stay up to date on the latest trends and advances in the market.
  2. Be passively looking for the next move in your career. Many people feel that it is disloyal to keep oneself periodically searching for the next great opportunity, but that is simply not true.
  3. Increase your self-awareness. In the short 96 page book “Who Moved My Cheese” the author Dr. Spencer Johnson addresses the traps that we sometimes fall into by not being aware of the ever changing environment we wake up to daily.
  4. Be prepared for anything. Preparation is the key to recognizing great opportunity when it knocks. The best opportunity may be where you’re currently at, or it may be the one I’m calling you about.
  5. Keep your skills sharp and relevant, your eyes open, and be aware of your value to the industry.

2017 has started with a bang in the employment world in February 2017 the Private Sector Employment increased by 298,000 jobs up from 246,000 in January 2017 according to ADP Research Institute. Employers are inundated with application and resumes in the folders on their laptops. Don’t get caught up simply applying online with the idea that “My resume is so good, I just know they are going to call!” while you sit by the phone and wait. (That’s when your fears will be realized.) Get representation with a trusted professional that can tell your story. That is how you conquer your fears and achieve your best career.