Why We Do What We Do (Spoiler Alert: We Love It)

Why We Do What We Do (Spoiler Alert: We Love It)
When someone asks us, “what do you do?” it’s not just a simple answer. We’re recruiters, yes, but there’s so much more to it than that. When we embark on a recruiting project for a client, we invest time, energy, and emotions into finding the one or two people who are the best fit for a growing team. Here’s what that looks like:

1. Get excited!

We love to dive into a new search. Each individual client and job that we recruit for warrants a customized targeted recruiting strategy. It’s always exciting to dig deep into the job description and beyond to understand a company’s needs from skill sets to culture fit.

2. Start our search

Next, we take all of that criteria and start exploring our proprietary tools for the best candidates matches. Our network includes hundreds of thousands of professional candidates. We narrow that network down to the most qualified of candidates for each specific company and position. Once we’ve got a qualified list, we hit the pavement, making thousands of phone calls.

3. Double vet

We strongly believe in our double vet process. Each of our top candidates will be reviewed and questioned by a leader of our team. We ask them the tough questions, discussing our client, the company culture, relocation, and other important factors upfront. We come to understand our candidate’s career aspirations and goals to ensure they align with our client’s needs.

4. Submission

After successfully sourcing a short list of candidates, we partner with our clients’ management team to ensure interviews and reference checks are dealt with in a professional and timely manner to achieve a successful hire. Our clients can be assured that if we submit a candidate, they are not only qualified, but also willing and prepared to interview for that position.

5. Support and scheduling

JSG is heavily involved in the interview process, helping both parties to schedule and prepare. We work hard to make this process as quick and efficient as possible to help everyone involved get to the ultimate goal – the offer.

6. The decision and offer

While our client makes the final decision on the best candidate for the organization, we assist during this critical stage by facilitating communications on compensation, relocation, benefits, and the community. It’s a priority for JSG to assist our candidates and their families through the emotional process of a new opportunity, including resigning from current positions, dealing with counteroffers, and relocating

7. Ongoing relationship

Our service does not end at the candidate start date. Ongoing follow-up after your decision to hire is one of the keys to a smooth transition for candidates and their families. This personal touch and commitment is one of the differentiators of Johnson Search Group and will contribute to our joint success.