Work-Life Balance Is Essential For Success – How Will You Achieve It?

Work-Life Balance

Many hiring managers I talk to tell me that they and their staff work overtime constantly because they have open positions that remain unfilled. They have not seen a decent resume from their HR teams in months, and yet the organization will not allow them to use outside agencies due to cost. Or in many other cases, the response is that they already have contracts in place with other agencies, so they don’t need another ‘vendor’. Two questions come to mind, 1) How much is that over time costing you? and 2) if the other agencies aren’t providing good candidates, why do you continue to use them?

I have just had the amazing experience of vacationing in Mexico. It has been a few years since my husband and I took a vacation, so it was a long time coming. We were able to spend some time relaxing re-energizing, and reflecting. After a couple of days with sand in my toes, I realized then that I need to practice what I preach and commit to scheduling regular ‘down time’ for myself.  I truly believe that it makes you a better person, better team member, and better leader when you are operating at full capacity. So stop to smell the roses, or in this case the sea air! The person in your organization that has the most accrued vacation time is not necessarily the employee of the year if it’s taking a toll on their personal satisfaction and ultimately their performance.

Work-Life Balance

I continually compared myself in this situation to the many healthcare organizations that I work with, and how we build and lead succesful teams. As the team lead for the Healthcare Division at JSG, I know that my ability to lead is directly related to my ability to function and appreciate my own quality of life. I also reflected on the difference between organizations and their decisions regarding outside recruiting agencies like us.

Keep in mind that ‘cost’ is not always just dollars. In order to save dollars, many organization rack up expenses in employee burnout and quality of patient care. Ask yourself, “How can a traditional HR staff member possibly know the details of what I am truly looking for in a candidate?” Now don’t get me wrong, many organizations have talented HR members that are truly a working part of the organization and have a finger on the pulse of their hiring managers. They have a knack for truly knowing the ‘what’s not on the job description’ pieces or at least the ability and desire to find out the answers if they don’t know.

But what about yours? Have you seen a decent resume lately? How long has that position on your team been open? Are the agencies you currently work with providing you with the talent you need? Are you or your staff starting to suffer from job burnout? For organizations that say no to successful partnerships with an agency that is built on effective relationships, the end result is often loss of the very leaders or staff that are considered so indispensable. If you can’t afford to lose them, take the steps necessary to keep them, and that includes establishing a culture of appreciation of work-life balance and sometimes shelling out a few dollars to save more down the road.