If Your Resume Has These Mistakes, You Probably Won’t Get Hired

resume mistakes

Recruiters only have a short amount of time to review and judge your resume.  This means that not only do you need to showcase your relevant skills and experience for the job you are applying for, but also present it in a visually appealing and grammatically correct way!

Even the most experienced job seekers and career professionals can succumb to simple oversights that can cost them the job. Here are 5 common resume mistakes to avoid in order to help you make a great first impression and advance to the next step in the hiring process.

1. Too Short

One page resumes are a thing of the past. Don’t try to cram all of your important experiences and skills into one page. Unless you are a new graduate, you will probably need more room to explain your work history and skills.

2. Personal Information

Don’t include personal information such as hobbies or other interests.  This is business, not personal.  Stick to what is relevant to the position you are applying for.

3. Incorrect Contact Info

Make sure correct email and phone information are included.  You can have a great resume, but without contact information, you will get nowhere.

4. Spelling and Grammatical Errors

Resumes with errors in grammar or spelling give the impression that you are careless.  You may be brilliant, but will not appear so with misspelled words and/or grammatical errors.

5. Poor Layout

If a resume is hard to read because it’s disorganized, it can be frustrating to read and may be passed over. Your resume should have an organized appearance with wide margins, bold titles, and consistent formatting throughout.

Making sure your resume is well written and in an easy, appealing layout will dramatically improve your chances of getting an interview. It is well worth the extra investment of time to make sure your resume will stand out.