Do You Have What It Takes To Get The Job?


Today’s job search environment is intense. Demand is high, and the right talent is tough to find because the market is flooded with applicants. So how can you distinguish yourself as the best choice for the job?

Stick to what you know

The most powerful way to shine that spotlight on yourself is to stick to what you know. By this, I don’t mean to stay safe and in a comfortable box, but to put yourself on the market with a strategic plan in place. Apply for a job at your level within your skill set, but at a new company with better pay, work-life balance, and benefits.  Have a strategic plan in your career that moves you step by step along a path that increases your value to a potential employer.

Boast strong tenure

Strong tenure is a factor that will help you stand out in the sea of resumes. Strategically moving from a job is important. Short tenure at a job only makes sense when it is the exception to the rule. There is a fine line of acceptance when a hiring manager takes a glance at a resume and sees short time increments. (After all, your resume is your first interview!) A move every two years may be acceptable. However, it shows a pattern, and it begs a nagging question in the hiring manager’s mind; do we only have 2 years?

Match Qualifications

It may seem obvious that you need to be qualified for the requirements that are on the job description. But have you considered how qualified you are for what’s not listed on the description? Knowing what is not on the job description is key to being a candidate that a hiring manager needs. Your research has to be detailed enough so that you have the inside scoop of what the hiring manager is really looking for. Executive Recruiters that know their craft, are invaluable to this piece of the puzzle. A great recruiter will act as a matchmaker and a coach, to bring you not only to the finish line but to the right race track.