Why Work-Life Balance Is The Key To Career Success

Why Work-Life Balance Is The Key To Career Success

I’ve found throughout my career that everyone is on the search for the “key” to career success. You know the feeling, you’re sitting at your desk, head in your hands asking yourself, “how can I achieve my goals? How can I feel more fulfilled? Am I just wasting my life away at my desk?” Little do you know, you’ve had the key to success all along – you just weren’t putting it to use.

The health benefits of a good work-life balance

I learned the importance of a healthy work-life balance early on in my career. As my children were growing up, had school functions, and began competing in sports, at times it was a struggle to attend their activities. I had to learn how to adjust my schedule so I would be there for them. It was sometimes exhausting, but in doing so I was able to coach them in sports as they grew up.

When I was a Sales Manager, I made it very clear to my employees that they had to learn how to deal with this issue and schedule time to balance between work and family or sometimes even for themselves. For those that struggled, I suggested that they take up a hobby like sports, riding, hiking, etc.

A lesson from the Karate Kid

As Mr. Miyagi says in The Karate Kid “Balance Danielson.“ This life skill can be a constant moving target once we begin to build our lives and careers. As we age, and our children begin their lives and careers in the big world, our work-life balance continues to change along with the seasons of our lives.

Take time out of your busy day to assess the balance in your life; find things outside of your job or career that helps to clear your mind. It will immediately change your mindset and you will become more productive in your career and your confidence. And if you don’t feel that you have the opportunity to adjust your work-life balance, maybe it’s time for a change. So many of the candidates we work with are in the same boat; they’re eager for a new culture that fosters growth and enrichment of lives outside of work.

Need some help getting started? I found these 6 practical suggestions for re-setting your work-life balance very helpful.