3 Keys To Getting Discovered (And Hired) Online By A Recruiter

3 Keys To Getting Discovered (And Hired) Online By A Recruiter

In today’s job market, there are more ways than ever for job seekers to find employment opportunities in any industry. Social media and online resume databases have become the primary source to connect candidates to their dream jobs. As a recruiter, I rely heavily on social media to find and contact potential candidates. So today, I’m sharing my secrets on how to stand out on social media and get noticed by recruiters like me.

First, you have to understand that when a recruiter embarks on a search to find a “perfect candidate” for their job, they are sifting through thousands of resumes. Throughout this massive pile of resumes, there are a few simple things that make a candidate’s resume stand out online. Follow these 3 resume guidelines and you’ll be on your way to being discovered in no time:

  1. Clear

Most social media platforms will capture key words off resumes so they know who to include in searches. It is important to have industry specific words on your resume so the recruiter’s search will pull up your resume. This includes job titles, specific skills, and industry related experience. For instance, if you have OSHA certification, make sure it’s on your resume so that my search will find you if that’s a “must have” skill for the company I’m partnering with.

  1. Current

You would not believe the amount of old and outdated resumes we find online. Be sure to have an updated version of your resume when posting with current contact information. The more updated your resume is, the more industry-related keywords and accomplishments it will contain, and the better your chances of being found!

  1. Concise

If your resume contains irrelevant positions, keywords, or education, you’re doing yourself a disfavor. With only a short amount of time to review each resume, a recruiter could see a position that doesn’t match the skill set or career trajectory they’re looking for, you could be overlooked. Instead, keep only the most relevant and recent positions and education listed on your resume.

Keeping resumes clear, current, and concise with industry keywords, education, and experience will make them rise to the top of a recruiter’s search online.