The Key To Hiring Top Talent Is Surprisingly Old School

The Key To Hiring Top Talent Is Surprisingly Old School

I never thought that I would get to the stage in life where I’d become “that guy.” You know… the grumpy old guy who is totally resistant to technology? The guy that says the new way is useless, despite rave reviews. You may have seen them lately, articles claiming “Snapchat is the new wave of recruiting!” or “You should be texting your candidates to hire the best ones!” Yet, here I am still doing it the “old school” way – and I’m telling you it’s still the best way to hire the best candidates on the market today.

There are many many recruiters who spend their days pouring over resumes online. And yes – LinkedIn, Facebook, texting, and emails can be effective and useful in moving through the hiring process, but they must be used in conjunction with the phone. When you choose not to heavily utilize the phone during your recruiting process, you’re missing out. Essential things such as emotions, flow, and culture fit, simply cannot be conveyed online. Hesitation, sighs, excitement, and confusion can all be picked up on through a short phone call. These types of non-calculated responses can tell you a lot about a candidate and are a major part of how I evaluate and select the very best candidates to submit to my clients.

Partner with a recruiter

When you partner with JSG for your hiring needs, you are not working with a recruiter who hides behind the comfort of a computer screen. You are choosing to work with a recruiter who will hit the ground running, making thousands of phone calls; a team that vets hundreds of candidates to get to the one or two candidates who are the best fit for your company.

So keep in mind, not all “old school” strategies are outdated and irrelevant. Sometimes you just need the right person to execute them!