This Is How You Know Someone Is A Great Leader

This Is How You Know Someone Is A Great Leader

The success of a company can depend greatly on the leaders’ ability to motivate, influence, and guide a group of people. I’m sure that we’ve all encountered great leaders and some not-so-great leaders. So how do we distinguish between the two? Here are 6 characteristics of a great leader:

1. Confidence

A leader must be confident enough to make big decisions. Being a confident leader reassures employees, instills confidence in the company and gives the perception of a clearer vision and mission. People want to follow confident people.

2. Transparency

The more transparent a leader is with their subordinates the more they will trust you. Open communication can raise employee morale and give the confidence to the employees that they know what they’re getting at all times so there are no surprises.

3. Being Personable

Having genuine interactions and communication with the people you work with. Most people can tell when someone is being fake or disingenuous. The more genuine, the more respect you will earn.

4. Empowerment

Empowering your employees to give input and share ideas for their work can heighten productivity. Especially employees working on the front-line. Typically, leadership doesn’t truly know what it’s like to be in the shoes of those who are client-facing or on the front-line. Giving the employees the opportunity to voice their opinions, concerns and suggestions can increase employee morale as well.

5. Taking Responsibility

The leader needs to take responsibility for failure, although it may be hard to do. Placing blame on others delays the remedy to the problem and proves them to be untrustworthy and shows a lack of integrity.

6. Communication

This is an essential skill for a great leader. Leaders need to know how to listen, interpret and understand the people around them clearly. Establishing an open door policy and asking for feedback from others is a good starting point for this.

Leadership should be less about the needs of the leader and more about the people and the organization. Small changes in behavior and work ethic can make a huge difference in leading ability. Everyone can be a great leader and earn the trust and respect of your team by adopting some of these characteristics.