3 Major Factors To Consider Before Relocating

3 Major Factors To Consider Before Relocating

Relocating is not an easy decision but it can be worth it! In my last blog, I covered why a candidate should consider a relocation for their next job. There are many factors to consider before hitting the road. What about your family? What about the pay? And of course what about the location? Here are some ways to consider these common factors to ensure a relocation is worth it.

1. Family

The most common question that comes up when speaking with a candidate about relocation is ‘what about my family?’ Which brings us to the infamous family factor. As if getting the job was not hard enough, now you must convince your family that it’s worth moving.  First, back up a little and make sure you address the family factor way before accepting an offer. It’s best to bring it up right when you hear about the opportunity. Open the discussion to everyone in your family by explaining and asking their opinions “I just got a call about a job in Wyoming, what do you think?” This works because you are acknowledging and valuing your family’s voice. Ultimately, this decision is too important to decide in one conversation, and the best way to address it is to continue having multiple conversations throughout the interviewing process and make sure to include everyone. (Even the dog!) Do not wait until the last minute because you may miss out on your big career opportunity if you are left with one day to convince the family a relocation is worth it.

2. Location

If it’s not the first question, it is definitely the second question that pops into a candidate’s mind: ‘Where is the job at?’ I like to call this the location factor. Relocating goes far beyond what job you want to do, it also requires a lot of research about the new community you are considering (this would be another part to include your family in and make sure they are onboard). It is important that the new location offers amenities you value and a quality of life you are open to or looking for. Keep in mind that as you move to a new location, you may encounter a new culture. The best bet here is to spend as much time you can researching. Use the county’s website, call the local school, and use Google!  You should research things such as the distance from your friends and family, schools, culture, and don’t forget to weigh in access to quality health care and access to sustainable foods.

3. Money

The last but most certainly one of the most important questions is, ‘what is the pay range for this job?’ Known as the money factor, I understand a financial situation often strongly influences your job decision. If you move to an area with a lower cost of living, but your pay stays relatively the same, you might win out in the end financially. At the same time, do not be swayed by a big paycheck. The best way to address the factor of money is to use a cost comparison tool. These handy calculators take location and salary into account and you can get a detailed breakdown of which locations cost more or less. Don’t forget to always ask if the company provides a relocation package and if so, make sure that you understand it completely.