How Companies Can Help Employees Battle Burnout

How Companies Can Help Employees Battle Burnout

While having a conversation with a friend on how their job was going, they kept stating the fact that they felt way too much stress in their life, and they were completely burnt out in their position.

Most of us have been there, or we know someone who has.

The main contributors to burnout are unfair compensation, workload, overtime or after-hours work.

According to recent surveys by Kronos and Future Workplace, “employee burnout has reached epidemic proportions” as stated by Charles DeWitt, Vice President For Business Development at Kronos.

So how can companies help their employees battle burnout and stress overload?


Really get to know your staff, take a concerned interest in their work-life balance. Get to know their families, hobbies, and interests. What is most important to them? Do they have children or grandchildren in sports? Remember their names and ask how they’re doing this season. Understand their spousal situation and take an active interest in their lives as well. Host company social events that include the family. Going beyond the “hey, how are you today?” conversations with your employees will make them feel like an active and valuable member of the team.


On that note, remind your employees that they aren’t just another cog in the wheel. A little bit of appreciation really does go a long way! Have a true open door policy so they feel comfortable talking with you when they have issues or celebrating with you when they have wins. Once in a while, go out of your way to just say “thank you.” Buy lunch for the team or let them clock out a little early on Friday. The all-around appreciation will motivate everyone and boost employee morale.


Helping them find the original “WHY” they chose this career path in the first place. Oftentimes, employees can lose their way along their career path. Maybe they’ve been in this position longer than they anticipated, maybe they feel a nagging to do something more. What they are really looking for is guidance. When they joined your team, there was a reason and a motivation behind it. Don’t let them lose sight of that along the way!

Great employees are a huge asset to any company or organization. Letting your staff know they are appreciated from the top down through the organizational chart has become a lost art and must be revisited constantly in order to retain and inspire your best talent.