A Recruiter Contacted Me – Now What?

A Recruiter Contacted Me - Now What?

You’ve probably heard stories about friends being recruited through LinkedIn or email and swept off to a new “dream job.” It’s not just a legend, it happens ALL THE TIME. (And it could even happen to you!) When it does, you can be a little caught off guard. You weren’t expecting it, you’re unorganized, and you have a million questions. Well, here is your ultimate checklist so that when you get that message or phone call – you’ll know exactly what to do.

  1. Have a conversation

We cannot stress this enough. You may be really happy in your current position and not looking to move – and that’s great! But remember that friend or coworker that mentioned they were ready to move on to something else? Or maybe you think the position they contacted you about wasn’t a great fit… keep in mind that we are recruiting for dozens of jobs at one time! You never know what may come of a simple conversation, now or down the road.

  1. Keep your “job search” materials up to date

It’s best if you can do this BEFORE your conversation with a recruiter, as in be constantly updating your resume, but ASAP is fine too. Just keep in mind that these hiring managers are on a strict timeline and recruiters are on the clock to find qualified candidates. If it takes you even more than a day to update your resume, you could take yourself out of the running.

  1. Be honest

If this position is not a good fit, or you don’t want a new job, or your spouse doesn’t want to move – just tell us! We totally understand that things come up and the last thing we want is to push you towards an opportunity that is not ideal. That way, we won’t be wasting your time or our clients time and we can make the right match every time!

  1. Ask questions

Throughout a hiring process, you’ll probably have a few questions. (Okay, more than a few.) Don’t be afraid to ask them! As recruiters, we are all about open communication at all times and we will give you straight answers as best we can. We also have a direct line to the hiring manager, so if you want more information about the company, job, or team you’ll be working with, we can get it.

  1. Accept our help

Most of the professional we work with have been in the workforce for years. Oftentimes, they think they “know it all” and don’t need to sit through our interview prep phone call. This is so, so wrong. The job market is constantly changing and it is our job to stay on top of the latest trends, do’s and don’ts, and keys to successful interviewing. Almost every single candidate we’ve ever worked with has learned at least one thing from our interview prep, and we know you will too!