From Softball To Storytelling, This Is Why We Love Our Leadership Team

Here at Johnson Search Group, we have three team leads (one for each team) that set the stage for our success. Not only are they great at their jobs, they are wonderful people who truly care about making a difference in your organization or in your career. Their dedication and commitment is truly inspiring – and their team members had a few things they wanted to share about Tracey Smith, Tracy Isakson, and Dana Belstler:

“My fondest memory of Tracy might have to be seeing him coach our office softball team. Not only are his leadership skills great in the workplace, but they’re great on the field. And it’s also given me the opportunity to see him biff it a few times.” – Krista Portolesi

“The most important thing Tracey has taught me is to just be yourself – it’s the best way to find success.” – Jessica Sems

“What I like most about working with Dana is that she is always willing to help, answer questions, and help edit documents before I send them out, she is a great writer and has great advice!” – Alex Price

Tracy’s responsiveness to his banking team is what inspires me to work at JSG with him. Anytime I need advice or start to question myself he always comes up with a solution. Sometimes I think he has more confidence in me than I have in myself.” – Krista Portolesi

Tracey brings a true heartfelt passion to the Healthcare team. She truly provides that added value and extra step whether it’s working with our clients, candidates, or fellow team members.” – Dallas Williams

“The most important thing that Tracy has taught me is to listen closely to people when they are talking, so we can pick up on what is really important to them.” – Mike Muglia

Tracey has truly set the path in following a proven process that is successful and is sincere in sharing that process to help make others successful as well.” – Dallas Williams

“What I like most about working with Tracy is that he knows the banking industry very well and he is great at qualifying candidates to know if it really is a fit for them and the client.” – Mike Muglia

“My favorite memory of Dana is when her ice pack broke open and spilled all over her pants. She laughed it off, didn’t complain, and got right back to work. What a champ!” – Alex Price

Tracey is known for her stories… she literally has a story for everything and anything. Every now and then we will give her a hard time and enforce a “storytelling time limit” because she loves to share so much. But that is one thing I genuinely love and admire about her. I listen to her share her stories with clients and candidates with a purpose that helps bridge the gap between being professional and still true to herself. She truly gives them a unique service built upon her life experiences and it has led to enormous success and lasting relationships.” – Jessica Sems

“In 2017, we decided to live by the mantra, be the one degree of difference. Our team leads have proven themselves to not only be great recruiters but outstanding mentors to their people. Their ability to manage their team through motivation and mentorship while simultaneously running their own desk and still make time for their families is something every leader should strive for.” – Perry Paden

“Anyone who is looking for a great leader should ensure their leaders know the overall purpose and goal of the company or organization. Make sure communication is transparent and you can trust your leader as well. It’s very important that the leader is aware of each individual’s goal and understanding that they play a big part as an effective leader in achieving those goals.” – Krista Portolesi

But don’t just take our word for it! Click below to get to know our 3 team leads and experience their dedication to their job, superb storytelling skills, and commitment to connecting talented people with great companies.

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