Want To Get Hired Through A Recruiter? Here’s How We Find You

Want To Get Hired Through A Recruiter? Here's How We Find You

When you embark on a job search, it can feel daunting at first. How do I get hired for a position that’s right for me? What companies align with my career goals? It can create a lot of unease trying to get a new job on your own. But here at JSG, we’ve perfected the process to match candidates and companies with similar desired skill sets, company culture visions, and growth trajectories. When I recruit, I want to talk to as many candidates as possible, gaining referrals and learning about the industry as I go.

Based on CareerBuilders’ supply and demand calculation, there are more than 624,000 candidates in the mining industry alone. Considering that’s just from one source, it’s safe to say the actual number is much larger. And most of the companies I work with offer relocation packages, which means the whole United States is fair game. Which begs the question; how do I, as the recruiter, even begin to narrow it down to the 1-2 candidates that will be a great fit for my job?

  1. Skill Sets And Keywords

The first step is to start narrowing down these candidates by their skill sets in relation to the job description. I’ll create a very broad search both online and in our proprietary database that covers all the “must have” skills. These can include things such as years of experience, education, certifications, and job specific knowledge and training.

  1. Phone Calls

After having a general pool of about 1000 candidates, I begin to narrow it down further. This starts with phone calls and ends with more phone calls. This is the screening or vetting process and will start to narrow the pool down drastically.

  1. Key Questions (M.A.L)

Some of the most important qualifying questions. 1.) Money. The money question can be a bit uncomfortable to ask and for the candidate to answer, but it is crucial to determine if this job is the right fit for both the client and candidate. 2.) Availability. This is a very probing question. Asking the clients availability gives a chance to learn about their current working situation and all the details make a move would entail. Clients like to move fast on good candidates and candidates that are tied to an area or contract may remove themselves from consideration. 3.) Location. Location goes hand in hand with availability. The candidate must be sold on the location for them to be considered, otherwise, we are wasting everyone’s time. I am always upfront about the companies’ general location, especially if it is in a rural area. This question often has a yes or no answer, but there are a lot of factors to consider. Things such as cost of living, schools and if it is a fit for the candidate and their families’ future.

  1. Double Vet

The double vet is ultimately the determining factor whether the candidate is right for this position. This conversation takes place with myself and our SVP or the mining department lead. It is designed to open the conversation, cover any weak spots, and answer any oustanding questions. At this point, if we feel there is mutual interest between the client and the candidate and they are sold on all the key factors, we ask for permission to submit the candidate to our client.