How To Get Employers To Come To You For Your Next Role

co-authored by Dana Belster

How To Get Employers To Come To You For Your Next Role

According to a report from Glassdoor, the average candidate uses seven different job sites while they are searching for their next role. But if you are the passive candidate who would welcome a new opportunity, but you can’t take a chance that your employer would find out you’re looking, or just plain don’t have time, you want the employer to come to you. How do you get noticed? How do you attract the top companies to seek you out or a good recruiter to find you?

You must get relevant and know how to use the tools that are available. Even if you are in the position where you say you don’t have time, you simply must make the time. It’s easier than you think – start by getting back to the basics!

  • Make sure your resume is updated when you do get that call, email or InMail.
  • If you use a job board like CareerBuilder, Indeed, Monster, Dice, LinkedIn, or Handshake, etc. your profile must include all the current keywords, education, and experience that is going to get you noticed.
  • Make sure your credentials and educational designations (MBA, BA, PE, PMP, EIT, CCP, CFP, etc.) appear on your resume and profiles.
  • If the position you are applying for is a Surgical Services Manager or Director, and that is what you do, but your current company calls you an Operating Room Manager or Director, you might get overlooked. It is completely appropriate to use ‘generic’ titles for a broader reach.
  • Mismatched online profiles only cause confusion to employers and can cause a would-be employer to question your credibility.
  • Keep your job skills updated continuously on your resume. As you grow in your career and experience, add as you go so it does not get forgotten later.
  • There are many tools to strengthen and increase your awareness of best practices such as the new LinkedIn free service to pair users with mentors.

Think of your resume as your first interview and keep in mind you have numerous pieces of information available to prospective employers; they need to be cohesive and relevant. If you objectively looked at your resume and your complete profile, would you hire you?