3 Things You Need To Research About A Company Before You Interview

These Are The 3 Things You Need To Research About A Company Before You Interview

Recently, I’ve heard job seekers complaining that they keep getting interviews but don’t receive any offers. You might ask, how is that possible? Does this mean there are no jobs to be had? According to a recent report we have more openings than ever before, but it’s tougher to find talented candidates.

Many candidates are great interviewers and have used their interviewing skills to land their jobs in the past, but a great personality is not going to cut it in today’s job market. One must realize that we live in the world of information at your fingertips and employers want to be “wowed” in the interview. Not dazzled with fancy words and flashing sales pitches, but by a thoughtful candidate that took the time to do some homework.

An employer wants to know that you took the time to know who they are and what makes them tick.  Too many times candidates decide to “wing it” when it comes to first impressions. We suggest to our candidates that they take responsibility for the interview.

Research the following three areas before an interview

  • The company website, look through the pages, learn about the mission and the products and the leadership.
  • Find them on Social Media and see if they are involved in their community or if they have videos that give insight into their culture.
  • Find any news articles about them recently. Keep an eye out for awards or major announcements. Google is your friend.

Spending a weekend or a few hours learning about the company you are interviewing with will do a few things. It will set you apart from the competition and it will impress your potential boss, but most importantly it will excite you about the opportunity. Excitement is contagious and the employer will be excited about you!