5 Things You Should Never Say In An Interview

5 Things You Should Never Say In An Interview

It’s no secret that interviews are nerve-wracking and there will always be an occasional slip-up that makes you writhe in agony when you think about it later that night. In an attempt to avoid those regrettable moments, we’ve come up with 5 of the most common things you should never say in an interview.

  1. What are the benefits?

It is understandable that you’re curious about the benefits of a potential job, but the interview is not the time or place to broach the subject. Instead, do your own research on their website or Glassdoor.

  1. My salary is ______ … but negotiable

By throwing in the “negotiable” part, you’re selling yourself short. Make sure to do your research before the interview about the cost of living, along with average salaries for your title and experience. That way, when the salary question comes up, you can give a firm and consistent answer.

  1. Dissing your current or previous employer

It can be difficult to dodge this, especially when asked why you’re looking for a new position. Keep the focus on the future that you want to create for your career, and how this company you’re interviewing with can help contribute to those goals.

  1. Politics or religion

Steer clear of politics and religion or any other polarizing topics, even if they relate to your work history. You don’t want to be judged based on things that won’t affect your job performance. You don’t have control over your interviewer’s political or religious affiliations.

  1. “That commute really sucked!”

One of the first things that the interviewer will probably ask is “did you find us okay?” You would be surprised at how many candidates launch into complaints about the commute or the office.

In the end, if you even think it might be inappropriate, steer clear! During interviews, it pays to be the best version of yourself and tread lightly.