Hiring For Culture Fit: Do Or Don’t?

Hiring For Culture Fit: Do Or Don't?

Cultural fit within a company can be defined in so many ways. According to Business News Daily, “cultural fit means that employees’ beliefs and behaviors are in alignment with their employer’s core values and company culture.” 

If you think about it, it is such a simple concept. Companies want to evaluate how well potential candidates will fit in with their team and if they have the same short and long-term goals. Skills have always been an essential part of hiring employees, but hiring for culture fit has rapidly gained popularity in the business world and is making an impact on companies everywhere. But is it okay to completely overlook a candidate’s skills in order to hire a great culture fit?

Let’s look at the potential pros and cons of hiring candidates as a cultural fit over prioritizing their skill set.


Increased Productivity

When you hire like-minded individuals, it can make collaboration and teamwork easier, which can increase productivity. The employee will be less likely to get burnt out, show any signs of fatigue and be better performers.

Mentally Happier People

Studies often show that a culture fit along with a positive work environment promotes great mental health for employees. If an employee is happy with the culture, their self-worth and value they place on their workplace go hand-in-hand.

Employee Retention

By harboring a great work environment with people who have the same morals, outlook, and values as the company, you create more productive staff who are willing to work harder to achieve great results. It has been proven that individuals that fit in well with their company’s culture are less likely to leave their jobs than those who do not hold the same values.

Skills Can Be Trained

Most skills on a job can be trained. What can’t be trained is someone’s values or attitude towards a common goal or how a company operates.


Lack of Diversity

Having a team of all like-minded individuals can create a situation where complacency is imminent. When you have a well-rounded team with different ideas, you have a better chance of having a diverse organization and less of a chance of seeing the same ideas being used over and over.

Missing Out On Great Talent

If you’re so concerned and wrapped up in what type of person you are looking for to fit your organization, you may be losing out on a great potential employee. Many companies miss out of amazing candidates by hiring too many employees that are “just like them.”


Millennials have become the largest, most diverse generation in U.S. History. It would be extremely difficult to categorize any millennial into one sort of ‘culture’. Not only that, but millennials tend to seek a diverse workplace, above anything else. If you have a cookie cutter team in your organization, chances are this won’t appeal to many millennials, making it a less attractive place to work.

Lack of Skills

If you’ve become so consumed with culture fit that you start to completely overlook skill sets, you may be selling yourself short. If they don’t have experience with the skill sets required to complete the job, more training may be needed to get them up and running. Even then, you’re taking a risk that they won’t be up-to-speed like the last candidate you passed on because they weren’t quite the right culture fit for your team.

There must be some sort of balance. A candidate that fits the culture and has the necessary set of skills would obviously be the best-case scenario. Unfortunately, those candidates can be hard to find and secure. Which is why every single candidate search is unique and requires an experienced team with a complete understanding of the job description, desired soft skills, team makeup, and future goals.