This Is The Ultimate Resume Test. Will You Pass?

The Ultimate Resume Test. Will You Pass?

I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to resumes.  I’ve gazed in disbelief, had a good chuckle and even performed “the happy dance” while sifting through the resumes that cross my desk. One mistake I see over and over is the misuse of words.  There are two that are frequently interchanged and stand out more than others. To test you, I’ve interchanged two words in this blog; can you spot them? I will be curious to see how many can identify them.

Here are some common resume mistakes that could cost you that interview:

  1. Leaving off relevant career experience.
  2. Paring down your resume to one page. (The main reason for #1)
  3. Typos, misused and misspelled words.
  4. Not including earned designations such as “PE”, “EIT”, “B.Sc.”, and “MBA” after your name. Recruiters and HR frequently search for these achievements and if you don’t have them on your resume, you will not be discovered or deemed qualified.
  5. Your resume and LinkedIn profile don’t complement each other. LinkedIn profiles are frequently reviewed in addition to your resume. If the information doesn’t match, it raises questions as to the legitimacy of your experience, credentials, organizational skills and value.
  6. Not customizing your resume for each position to which you apply. Your LinkedIn profile should be more general and fluid – able to match up with different versions of your resume.
  7. Forgetting to include that you graduated high school, college, or military service. Graduation dates and dates of service are not necessary.
  8. Not putting genuine time and effort into your resume.

Your resume is your first interview and it is important to put the time and effort into making sure all your experience, certifications and earned registrations are on it.  If you are submitting your resume and are not receiving any calls, than you may want to revisit the content and layout of your resume rather then being overlooked. There are a myriad of ways to ensure your resume and profile are cohesive, relevant and accurate. Putting in a little extra effort could be the difference between getting that call or not.

Did you spot the two words?