The One Degree Of Difference For JSG – Tracey Smith, BAS, MHS

At the beginning of this year, we chose our company theme to be “The One Degree Of Difference.” Originally inspired by a book by Sam Parker, we embraced this phrase and applied it to all aspects of our business. And as we rounded out our third quarter and started to reflect on this year, one employee exceptionally embodied this theme and demonstrated leadership, perseverance, and dedication. On top of numerous awards and an incredibly successful growth year, Tracey Smith has been promoted to the Manager of our Healthcare division. Tracey joined our company with virtually no experience in recruiting, but her Account Management experience, commitment to superior customer service, and outgoing personality allowed her to experience success early on and she hasn’t slowed down since. We wanted to share a little bit more about her journey with you, so we asked her a few questions about her work, passion, and drive.

Your career track has been pretty impressive. You’ve won numerous awards, been promoted to Team Lead and now you’ve been promoted to Manager. How do you think your reputation and drive have changed along the way?  

I have been able to increase the level of relationships with my co-workers, clients, and candidates. The trust that comes with that I take very seriously.

Leading up to your promotion what was the most challenging part of your job?

Trying to provide the ‘first place’ position to every client. That will always be the biggest challenge.

Now that you’ve been promoted, what do you think will be the most challenging part?

Trying to carve out a little more time each day to make certain that I am able to continue to mentor and train, while also getting to the next level of personal success with my own clients and region.

What is on your wish list for your future with JSG?

Seeing all the teams grow to serve the needs of each state.

How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

Making sure I have downtime with family and scheduled date days with my husband.

What is your favorite part of working for JSG?

Definitely the people. The unique team-centered approach at Johnson Search Group is the most supportive and encouraging for any sales environment possible. Every win is celebrated.

Team member Mike Muglia shared the effect that Tracey has had on his career:

“Tracey has shown me that bringing yourself to the game, and inserting it into the process brings enormous success.  I have always allowed myself to be vulnerable by stepping outside the box and going the extra mile. I would have to say that Tracey has impacted my career by watching her go the extra mile without changing the process, but instead embracing the basics and then providing outstanding client and candidate service. She is smart, daring and genuine which is unique to our industry and priceless to me!”