The Secret To A More Positive & Productive Life At Work

The Secret To A More Positive & Productive Life At Work

Wake up. Head to work. Get home. Hit the sack. Repeat.

This is pretty much what everyone’s cycle of life feels like, doesn’t it? I know mine generally does. Many try to break out of it and seek something balanced and meaningful during weekdays. Trust me, it’s not that easy. Having a job, getting ready for it and recovering from it really eats up your time and energy if you allow it.

Not having a balanced lifestyle can lead to a lack of concentration, stress, lethargy, lack of motivation and poor productivity at work. This leads to impatience, anger, lack of attention toward your spouse (or partner) and kids (if you have any) as well as your friends. Eventually, this will lead to a lack of productivity from your company resulting to a lower general welfare of the socio-economy as a whole.

You need to laugh more, eat more and enjoy more. But what’s the secret to it all?

The secret to a more positive and productive life at work is simple: Make time for things that add value toward a balanced lifestyle and stick to it. Yes, stick to it like super glue. No shortcuts or I-don’t-have-time-for-this excuses. Here are some things that I have successfully implemented:

  1. On your way to work

Use your time going to and from work to try something new. Do you usually listen to the same music or news channel? Try switching to another frequency. Listen to oldies or melodies that remind you of the good old days. It will set off a great mood when entering your workplace. It will bring a smile to you and your colleagues. I started listening to the 80s recently and I’m lovin’ it!

  1. Break your lunch in half

One of the most anticipated hours of your work day is your lunch break. Go out and stretch your legs. How about a stroll at a park while listening to your favorite songs, calling a loved one, or even (finally) catching up on that book a friend recommended. I put it on my schedule to eat my sandwich and head to the park for a walk to be in nature. I come back with a sharper mind and ready to take on the afternoon (which is difficult for many fighting the sleepy monster!) If it helps, try scheduling a 15-minute power nap!

  1. Health is wealth

Did you know that you are what you eat and drink? Get more brain food in your diet. Brain food is rich in antioxidants that keep your mind engaged all day. This would be helpful when you’re in meetings and when you get home to your family. For more info on brain food, click here.

  1. Get moving

Get off your chair. Put your arms up. Get your heart beat up. Sitting is the next smoking. There are plenty of on the spot activities that would help refresh your heart and spirit. Check out these exercises if you need ideas. I take 5 minutes every 45 minutes to do them. I feel much more focused and less stressed every time!

  1. Get time with friends and family (who will keep you accountable!)

Family and friends lighten up the heart, whether you had a bad day or a great one. They are there to listen to you and give you advice. Show them your weekly schedule and what you’d like to do differently. They will keep you accountable for a healthier balanced lifestyle. I told my friends what my daily work schedule looks like and they told me to sleep earlier to get a fresher start, it sure helped!

  1. Don’t head home

If you like art, music, historical antiques, photography or just having a cup of coffee at a cafe whilst reading a magazine or just looking at passer-bys, then I recommend you doing so before cozying up at home. Your eyes need to see and appreciate the best life has to give in your town or city. They are there and we need to make time to appreciate them.