Glass Half Full: How to Move on When You Didn’t Land The Job

How to move on when rejected from the job

Imagine this.

You wake up refreshed and excited. Your big interview is today. You make sure you go over the answers to the mock questions that you think the panel may ask. This isn’t your first rodeo.

You check your resume, make sure it’s crisp, clean, and free of any grammatical errors or misspellings. You make sure you plan the right route to get to the office 15-20 minutes before the interview. This is the position at one of the top firms in the industry, one that you’ve done your due diligence to study up on the company, the culture, and your confident you would be a great fit.

You have your interview, and it was tough. You answered all questions confidently and honestly. Everybody seemed to like you and you enjoyed meeting everyone. You received great feedback, this is going your way. At the very end you didn’t get an immediate offer, but you felt positive that you rocked it.

You leave with your head held high and a tinge of excitement from conquering that gauntlet and you just might have it in the bag. A couple hours later you get the “email.” The manager and the team really like you, but you weren’t the exact fit, so they were passing on you.

First thought: Wait a Second? What did I miss here? What did I do wrong? Was it something I said, did I answer a question incorrectly, was it my cologne? Dealing with a job rejection will send your mind spiraling.

You can see this as the proverbial glass half empty or see it half full. Question is, what do you do to move forward? You’ve put all your heart and effort into this job interview. I know this feeling very well, because it happened to me. This was the job I’ve always wanted, so It was a true gut check, and it hurt but it lit a flame in me. I was determined to turn that NO to a YES, If not with this company, then definitely another.

There are numerous feelings and thoughts that may be running through your head. Here are four tips to help you overcome this rejection and snag that dream job in the future.

Never take rejection personal

Ask for feedback. There’s no harm in asking for constructive feedback. While you might not like what you hear, at least you can use this information to help you grow and build from for your next opportunity. Accept reality; you may have not been the best fit for the job. Nevertheless, there are recruiters and hiring managers out there looking for a candidate just like you.

Stop over-analyzing

Quit over-analyzing when you’re rejected. Stewing in your own disappointment only keeps you in the past. When you catch yourself thinking negatively about the job rejection, remind yourself that it’s unproductive in your job search moving forward. You need to pick yourself up, think about the exciting opportunities in the future, and keep hunting.

Consider your strengths

Once rejected from a job opening, it’s easy to blame yourself and find faults in your resume or even your personality. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Try and focus on your strengths and identify opportunities that you are passionate about. That passion will shine through in your interviews and make you stand out to hiring managers!

Keep positive and stay hungry

Focus on your goal and keep your head up high. If you did your due diligence before you applied, performed to the best of your ability in the interview, and demonstrated your personal brand throughout the interview process, but you were still turned down, then you should take a deep breathe and realize the it just wasn’t a right fit.

The day will come that you and your experience will be matched up with an amazing company.